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Workspace ONE: General

Before proceeding, please make sure that your Workspace ONE Tenant is compatible with your Exodus Instance as per our Support Matrix.

Required environment's information

In order for Exodus to access your EMM Tenant, you'll need the following information:

  • Host: This is the hostname of the HTTPS server Exodus will use to access the Device Services and REST API services. Generally, they should be accessible through the same URL as your Workspace ONE portal. To confirm this, please go to All SettingsSystemAdvancedSite URLs and copy the appropriate value.

If your console's URL is, you may copy that URL, or simply use


If required, you can specify a port at the end of the host url. Examples: or If present and different from 443, the port number will be preserved.

  • API Key: This is the API Key Exodus will use to contact your API endpoint.

  • Admin’s Username and Password or Certificate and Certificate Passphrase: to create a migration, you need an admin user with full REST API rights.

  • Organization Group: This is the Group ID of your targeted Organization Group. It can be found by either hovering your mouse on the organizational group name in Workspace ONE portal's top header or by going to Groups & SettingsGroupsOrganization GroupsDetails.

  • Smart Group: This is the name or ID of your targeted Smart Group. It can be found by going to Groups & SettingsGroupsAssignment Groups. You must use the available Smart Groups in the targeted Organization Group to ensure all devices are listed, and ADE configuration is detected. Leveraging Smart Group is optional.


We highly recommend to create a dedicated admin user, role and API Key.

  • To create an API Key, please go to DevicesDevices SettingsSystemAdvancedAPIREST API, then click the button Add.
  • To create an admin user, please go to AccountsAdministratorsList View, then click the button AddAdd Admin.
  • To create a role, please go to AccountsAdministratorsRoles, then click the button Add Role.

Next steps

Next, depending on whether you are using Workspace ONE as your Source Tenant or as your Target Tenant, consult the appropriate guide: