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MobileIron Core: General

Before proceeding, please make sure that your MobileIron Core Tenant is compatible with your Exodus Instance as per our Support Matrix.

Required environment's information

In order for Exodus to access your EMM Tenant, you'll need the following information:

  • Host: This is the hostname or the URL of the HTTPS server you are using to access your MobileIron Core Tenant (e.g.

If required, you can specify a port at the end of the host url, like this: If present and different from 443, the port number will be preserved.

  • Admin's username and password.

We highly recommend that you create a dedicated administrator account to use with Exodus.

Minimum roles for the administrator account are as follows:

  • Admin Management: Manage administrators and device spaces
  • Device Management: View device page, device details / View device dashboard / Wipe device / Retire device
  • Privacy Control: View apps and ibooks in device details
  • Label Management: View label
  • User Management: View user
  • App Management: View app / View app inventory
  • API
  • The name of the MobileIron Core Space or the Label from which you want to migrate devices.

You can leave the Space or Label Name field empty, in which case Exodus will use the default Space.

Next Steps

Next, depending on whether you are using MobileIron Core as your Source Tenant or as your Target Tenant, consult the appropriate guide: