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Jamf Pro: as Target

Required environment’s information

You need to first set up all general prerequisites before proceeding to this guide.

Configure your users

When migrating your mobile devices to Jamf Pro, Exodus automatically assigns each mobile device to a user, based on the email address of the device's user in the Source Tenant. This requires that a single User record already exists in your Jamf Pro environment with the given email address.
Currently, Exodus doesn't create the User records automatically, and instead expects that you've already imported your users into Jamf Pro.


If your iOS devices are bound to Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) program, you must follow the extra steps below.
If your iOS devices are not bound to ADE, then no extra steps are required.

Access to Apple Business Manager portal

You must have access to the Apple Business Manager portal where both your Source and Target Tenants are configured.

This is required so that you can reassign the ADE devices to the Target Tenant virtual server.


To avoid any false device reallocation in the event of a Full Device Wipe, devices must be reassigned prior to any device migration.

Configure a PreStage Enrollment

In your Jamf Pro admin portal:

  1. Got to Devices > PreStage Enrollments, then click on New.

  2. Provide a name in Display Name and select an instance in the Automated Device Enrollment Instance dropdown menu, then check the newly available Automatically assign new devices option.

    Figure: Prestage configuration

    Prestage configuration

  3. Configure the settings you want to apply to devices on re-enrollment, then click on Save.