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  • Console: The Exodus Console WebUI.
  • Dashboard: The Exodus Console Dashboard where ongoing Migrations are listed and where you can create new ones.
  • Device Action: Device level actions accessible from the Device List. These actions can be device specific or triggered for a subset of devices (using Device List filters)
  • Device List: The list of the targeted devices inside a Migration.
  • Instance: A dedicated Exodus tenant. Instances are stand alone applications and run independently from each other. Each Instance includes all the required components to operate and do not interact with each other. Each can be reached via their own subdomains.
  • Migration: A Migration is a self contained process bound to a Source Tenant and Target Tenant. It includes a Device List and let the Administrators trigger Device Actions and follow the listed devices in transit.
  • Source Tenant: Your Source EMM from where your fleet of devices is migrating.
  • Target Tenant: Your Target EMM to where your fleet of devices is migrating.
  • Token: The unit that permit a device migration.
  • Token Pool: The total number of Tokens assigned to the Instance.