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Getting Started

Exodus Instances are project based and created on-demand. To get yours, please fill out the form below:

Instance Request


Before proceeding, please make sure that your UEM Source and Target Tenants are compatible with Exodus as defined in the Support Matrix.

First login

Once your Instance is up and running, you should receive an email invite. Follow the set of instructions and click on the provided link.

On your Instance landing page:

  1. Accept the Exodus Terms of Service.
  2. Provide and confirm your Password.
  3. Click on "Save password".

Signing in

Exodus support two authentication methods:

  • Username and Password
  • OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect authentication can be configured from the Console in Settings > Configuration > OpenID Connect.

Multifactor Authentication

Exodus supports Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) as Two-Factor authentication.

This setting is user-based and can be configured in Avatar > 2FA.

User roles

The available roles and related permissions are:

Dashboard Navigationxxx
Add Batchxx
Download Batches Reportxxx
Download Batches Reportxxx
Batchboard Navigationxxx
Batch Deletexx
Start Allxx
Device Actionxx
Download Batch Reportxxx
Settings Navigationxxx
Add Source Tenantxx
Edit Source Tenantxx
Delete Source Tenantxx
Add Target Tenantxx
Edit Target Tenantxx
Delete Target Tenantxx
Add Templatexx
Send Templatexx
Edit Templatexx
Delete Templatexx
Preferred iOSxx
Preferred Androidxx
Edit OpenID Connectx
Delete OpenID Connectx
Edit Custom SMTPx
Delete Custom SMTPx
Edit Domain Switchx
Delete Domain Switchx
Invite Userxx
Resend User Invitexx
Edit Userxx
Assign Viewer Rolexx
Assign Administrator Rolexx
Assign Owner Rolex
Delete Viewerxx
Delete Administratorxx
Delete Ownerx