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The Dashboard is the home of the Exodus Console and includes various components as defined below.

The navigation bar includes various buttons and related actions:

  • Dashboard: To return to the home.
  • Settings: To access the Instance settings.
  • Help: To access various resources.
  • Avatar: To configure your profile, set your password, configure 2FA or sign out.

Tokens Graph

The Tokens graph display the number of Tokens assigned to the Instance and their relative states:

  • Available: May be used to migrate a device.
  • Reserved: Is assigned to a device in transit.
  • Consumed: Has been used by a device successfully migrated.

Devices Graph

The Devices graph display the number of migrating devices and their relative states:

  • Started: The device has started its migration process.
  • In Transit: The device is in transit.
  • Migrated: The device has been successfully migrated.

Batch List

The list displays the available Batches and their specifications:

  • Date: The Batch’s creation date.
  • Name: The Batch’s name.
  • Source Group Name: The provided source’s group name or equivalent relative to the UEM’s type.
  • Target Group Name: The provided target’s group name or equivalent relative to the UEM’s type.
  • Device Count: The total number of devices listed.
  • Progress: The ratio of devices suitable to be migrated done successfully.


The available buttons allow:

  • Batch: To create a new Batch.
  • Batches: To download a CSV list of all the Batches with details and progression.
  • Devices: To download a CSV list of all the devices across all the Batches.

Create a new Batch

To create a new Batch, click on the Batch button then fill provide the following properties:

  1. Name: Provide a name for this Batch.
  2. Description: Provide a description for this Batch.
  3. Tenants: Select both the Source Tenant and Target Tenant.
  4. Templates: Select the email notification template for both Android and iOS.
  5. Options: Select which device scenarios will receive an "Erase" command in place of a "Retire" command.