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Workspace ONE Guide: Legacy workflow

Required environment’s information

You need to first setup all general prerequisites before proceeding to this guide.

Setup token authentication on target EMM

In order to be able to enroll your devices in your target EMM, you'll need to enable token authentication.

To do so, in your Workspace One console, navigate to Devices › Device Settings › Devices & Users › General › Enrollment and select the Authentication tab.

Scroll down past the Getting Started section and select Registered Devices Only as the Devices Enrollment Mode (see fig. 1.1).

  • A check box labeled Require Registration Token appears. Enable this option to restrict enrollment to only token-registered devices.
  • Select Single-Factor as Registration Token Type (this is mandatory to make the migration work using Exodus)
  • Set the Registration Token Length. This required setting denotes how complex the Registration Token is and must contain a value between 6–20 alphanumeric characters in length. (Recommended: 20 chars to avoid conflicts)
  • Set the Token Expiration Time (in hours). This required setting is the amount of time an end-user will have to migrate his device. We recommend you to setup the longuest value possible based on your internal requirement. If an end-user doesn't consume his allocated Token by migrating his device within the allocated time-frame, he will need to be included in a new migration.

figure 1.1

Android App Assignment Screenshot


If you have any iOS DEP devices, you also need to follow these additional prerequisite actions.