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Workspace ONE Guide: DEP workflow

Required environment’s information

You need to first setup all general prerequisites before proceeding to this guide.


These prerequisites must be done if you have any devices enrolled using Apple's Device Enrollment Program (or DEP).


Access to Apple Business Manager portal

You must have access to the Apple Business Manager portal where both your Source and Target Tenants are configured.

This is mandatory so that you can reassign the DEP devices to the Target Tenant virtual server.

Setup your Target Tenant's DEP Profile

Before proceeding to the migration, you need to check the configuration of your DEP profile in your Target's Workspace ONE console in Groups & SettingsAll SettingsDevices & UsersAppleDevice Enrollment Program.

Setup your Target Tenant's DEP Profile in Unauthenticated Single Staging User

In order to allow Exodus to migrate all your users without the need for them to authenticate once the migration is done, we need you to configure your Target Tenant's DEP Profile with the following settings:

  • Set Authentication to OFF to disable the authentication screen during enrollment.
  • Set Staging Mode to Single user device.
  • Set Default Staging User to the Default Staging User which is created by default on every WorkSpace ONE Tenants. This is the user that will authenticate automatically on the device during the re-enrollment.

Figure 1.1


If you decide not to Fully wipe your devices immediately during the Exodus's migration, you can setup your profile however you see fit.

Setup a DEP Profile in Workspace ONE console

Next, you must set a default DEP profile in Groups & SettingsAll SettingsDevices & UsersAppleDevice Enrollment Program (see Fig. 2.1).

Figure 2.1