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Workspace ONE Guide: Android Enterprise workflow

Required environment's information

You need to first setup all general prerequisites before proceeding with this guide.


These prerequisites must be done if you want to enroll your devices with Google Android Enterprise using a Work Profile or a Fully Managed device.


Google account

You first need a regular Google account or a G Suite account with administration rights.

Setup your Organization Group

You need to link your organization group with Google in order to be able to use the Android Enterprise capabilities you need to complete the Android EMM Registration in Groups & Settings › All Settings › Devices & Users › Android › Android EMM Registration (see fig. 1.1).

Then you will be redirected to a Google account's page to sign-in if it is not already the case and then confirm that you want the account to be linked to the EMM.

Finally you will be sent back to the Android EMM Registration page (see fig. 1.2).

figure 1.1

Android EMM registration

figure 1.2

Android EMM registration complete


The organization target must contain the migrated devices or be set to Open Enrollment via Device & Users › General › Enrollment › Device Enrollment Mode

Work Profile

If the Fully Managed switch is not set in Exodus console's migration creation form or the Android version is less than 6.0 then the device will be enrolled with a work profile.

Fully Managed

After the device wipe, the users will have to follow the enrollment procedure on their own.


The Android version must be 6.0+ or it will fall back to a standard Work Profile enrollment.


The migration must be tested with the different types of target devices because some manufacturers do not handle the enrollment process properly.