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SOTI MobiControl Guide: General


Before proceeding, please make sure that your Exodus instance supports your EMM servers' versions as source and/or target in the support matrix page

Required environment's information

General information

For each endpoint you have to setup, you'll need these pieces of information:

1. Instance identification

The host URL: It is the URL domain you are using to access your MobiControl environment (e.g. https://<instance_id> for a cloud environment)

The Client ID and Client secret: You will obtain these values by adding an API Client on the MobiControl server or by contacting the SOTI support.
The following link https://<instance_id> contains all the information about how to create an API Client.

The Admin's username and password: to create a migration, you need an admin user that is part of a group with Administration rights.

2. Group identification

We need the path of a MobiControl group to define the list of devices you want to migrate.

To find the full path name of a group you need to check the details of a device inside that group (see fig. 1.1).

figure 1.1

Group path


Exodus will also search the subgroups to include their devices.

Next Steps

The next steps depend on which of your environments are using MobiControl.

If you have MobiControl as your current EMM, please follow the prerequisites for configuring a SOTI MobiControl source environment.


Exodus doesn't support MobiControl as a target EMM yet.