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MobileIron Cloud Guide: ADE

Required environment’s information

You need to first setup all target prerequisites before proceeding with this guide.


These prerequisites must be done if you have any devices enrolled using Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (or ADE).


Access to Apple Business Manager portal

You must have access to the Apple Business Manager portal where both your Source and Target Tenants are configured.

This is required so that you can reassign the ADE devices to the Target Tenant virtual server.


To avoid any false device reallocation in the event of a Full Device Wipe, devices must be reassigned prior to any device migration.

Setup your Target Tenant's ADE Profile

Before proceeding to the migration, you need to check the configuration of your ADE profile in your Target's MobileIron Cloud console in AdminAppleDevices Enrollment and click on the number below Enrollment Profile(s).

Configure the ADE profile

In order to allow your users to re-enroll correctly after their device is factory reset, you need to configure your Target Tenant's ADE profile following your organization requirements.