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Prerequisites for Intune as Target

Required environment’s information

You need to first setup all general prerequisites before proceeding to this guide. Then, if your Target Tenant is a Microsoft Intune environment, please follow the steps below.

Configure your users in your Intune Target Tenant

In order for Exodus to verify that each of your Source Tenant users is present in your Target Tenant, you need to make sure that each user's email in your Source Tenant matches the User Principal Name (UPN) or email value of the associated user in the Target Tenant.


Any device for which Exodus can't find a matching user in the Target Tenant, will be marked as failed with a sub-status: Target user not found (see the Console Guide's Device Statuses section for more details).

Next Steps

The next steps depend on the kind of devices that you have in your migration.

Workflow for Apple's DEP devices

If you have any iOS devices enrolled using Apple's Device Enrollment Program (or DEP), you need to follow the DEP workflow's additional prerequisite actions

Workflow for Android Enterprise devices as Work Profile or Fully Managed

If you have:

  • any Android devices that are enrolled with a Work Profile or you want to migrate them into a Work Profile
  • any Android devices that are enrolled within a Fully Managed environment or you want to migrate them toward a Fully Managed environment

Please follow the Android Enterprise prerequisite actions.