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Prerequisites for Microsoft Intune as source

Required environment's information

You need to first setup all general prerequisites before proceeding to this guide.

Get the Exodus Companion App on your devices

This setup needs to be done in your source EMM and will differ depending on the OS of your targeted devices.

For iOS devices

Installing an app on your device fleet is broken down in 2 steps: Deployment and Custom app configuration.

Step 1: Deploy the Exodus Companion app

You need to add the Exodus companion app from the AppStore to your source EMM’s app catalog. From the Microsoft 365 Device Management portal, select Client apps and add an iOS app by searching the App Store for Exodus Companion. (see fig. 1.1).

figure 1.1

Adding an app

Once added, assign it to your devices, users, or groups as you usually do.


Make sure you leave the Uninstall on device removal options at No, in order for the Companion to stay and finish the process until the device is enrolled in the target EMM.

Step 2: Apply a custom app configuration

Now that your app is deployed, it still needs a tiny bit of information in order to talk to the Exodus server.

Still from the Microsoft 365 Device Management portal, in the details of the app you just deployed, on the left menu, click on App configuration policies. Click the Add button and enter a name and select the Managed devices Device enrollment type, for the iOS platform.

For the Associated app select again the app you just added. Finally select the Configuration settings.

figure 1.2

App configuration

You have two set of values to enter. First, add the server-url key, set it to the String type, and the server URL for the value. This URL needs to be (assuming you access your Exodus console through


Don't forget to replace #your-instance-name# by your real instance name which should be equal to the subdomain of your Exodus console URL.

If you access Exodus admin console with then the server url should be

Then, add serial-number as a key, with still the type as String, and the value should be {{serialnumber}}.

Click the OK, then Add buttons, your configuration is saved and deployed to your devices.

For Android devices

For Android devices, nothing needs to be done. Each user will install the companion app themselves by following a dynamic link sent to them via an email by the Exodus server when the migration starts.

Work profile

For Work Profile, it's strongly recommended to approve the Exodus companion application from your Google Play Enterprise Account.


The Exodus companion application must be installed outside the Work Profile container.
But if a user tries to start their migration inside the Work Profile container, with an approved application, we can help them follow the migration steps. Otherwise, they will be redirected to an empty page on the Play Store.

For Mac computers

Migration of Mac computers from Intune is not supported in Exodus yet.