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Microsoft Intune Guide: Android Enterprise

Required environment's information

You need to first setup all target prerequisites before proceeding with this guide.


These prerequisites must be done if you want to enroll your devices with Google Android Enterprise using a Work Profile or a Fully Managed device.


Google account setup

You first need a regular Google account or a G Suite account with administration rights.

Then you need to link this account to your Intune Target Tenant. To do so, in your Microsoft Intune admin center, go to Device > Enroll devices > Android enrollment > Managed Google Play and verify that your account is correctly setup following the official documentation.

Enrollment token and QR Code

Once configured, you'll need to provide to your users an enrollment token or a QR Code so they can finish the Fully Managed enrollment process successfully.

To do so, go to Device > Enroll devices > Android enrollment > Corporate-owned, fully managed user device and save the provided values. See the official documentation for further details. (see Fig. 1.1).

Figure 1.1

Enrollment Token

Work Profile

During the Migration creation, if you select No for the Do you want to Fully Manage these devices? option, the devices will be enrolled with Work Profile.

Fully Managed

After the Full Device Wipe, the end-users will have to follow the enrollment procedure on their own.